Awareness on the go

From awareness to action. Know yourself, understand others and work better together.


Why our app?

We entered a new era for employee engagement at work, with significant new challenges since covid and hybrid work. We strongly believe our mobile app is a more personal and 24/7 available way to help employees communicate better at work by increasing awareness and thus solving potential communication issues at their roots, rather than solving their consequences.

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What are we trying to solve?

Relationships at work can be frustrating, not only with managers but with colleagues. Understanding your personality type and that of others, can help in communicating better at work. For instance, are you an extrovert communicating with an introvert? Find out through our app.

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Take a short quiz... understand your personality type and also your chronotype. Personality types theories are science-based and developed since the birth of modern psychological studies. That said, we represent the personality types in an easy to understand and fun way. Chronotypes are more about finding out what time of the day you are the more productive...because everyone is different.

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Discover yourself

Once you have taken the quiz, we provide insights into your personality type and your chronotype. You might be positively surprised how a short quiz might reveal so much about yourself "oh this is soooo me!"

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Weekly tips / weekly nudges

Let us give you some tips to better understand yourself and others, and give you some reminders to have better communication and more meaningful relationships with your colleagues, for more empathy, more genuine communication, and feeling more connected at work.

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